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  Flemish Harpsichords 1616

The largest harpsichords made by the Ruckers family were tuned a fourth below their “standard” pitch. There are just a few of these left in near original condition, as they were highly sought after in France to enlarge even further.

This size is ideal for us today, as nearly all of the repertoire for the harpsichord can be played in this range. The original Ruckers measurements and string lengths can be preserved as well, resulting in a fine balance of aggressiveness and refinement of sound.

A large version (FF, GG to f3) is also available, which stays in a strict Flemish design.


Range: GG/AA to d3 or FF/GG to f3
Length: 89” (2.26 m.)
Width 32” (.81m) or 37” (.94m)
Height 10 1/2”

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