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The Italian harpsichord was found all throughout Europe in the 16th through the 18th Centuries, and for good reason. The combination of richness, strength and sweetness of sound make these instruments useful for a wide variety of solo literature, as well as ideal for accompanying voice, a wide variety of instruments, or a large ensemble: blending, yet always being heard.

Italian instruments were built primarily in two ways: the True inner-outer, and the False inner-outer, or integral construction.

The Grimaldi is an example of the true inner-outer, with a cypress inner case and poplar outer case. The Giusti is of the integral construction type, with a poplar case and veneers and moldings to imitate a true inner-outer.

Italian Harpsichord after C. Grimaldi
A large Italian instrument, with a refined and rich sound, fantastic for both solo and accompanying. More...

Italian Harpsichord after G. B. Giusti

A small instrument, with a strong, direct sound, easily transportable. The ideal instrument for continuo gigs. More...

Picture of Grimaldi harpsichord
Picture of Giusti harpsichord

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