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  Flemish Harpsichord 1624

The French loved the Flemish harpsichord, but wanted to make it more useful for the musical tastes of the 18th Century.

These changes executed to the old Ruckers harpsichords were sometimes simply replacing the keyboards and narrowing the string spacing or dismantling the instrument and adding many new parts, trying to preserve as much of the old instrument as possible, especially the soundboard.

The result was a successful union of the refinements of French harpsichord actions, with the richness and beauty of the much sought after Ruckers tone.


Range: GG/AA to d3 (Petite Révalement)
or FF to f3 (Grand Révalement)

Length: 89” (2.26 m.)
Width 32” (.81m) or 37” (.94m)
Height 10 1/2” (.27m)

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