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  German Clavichord after Hubert

Arguably the finest builder of fretted clavichords was the Ansbach instrument maker Christian G. Hubert. His clavichords and fortepianos were widely admired, and today his many surviving clavichords justify these 18th century accounts.

The Hubert clavichord has a strong and singing tone, is easy for you to tune, holds it's tuning well, and is also quite portable. It has a range of C to g3, a veneered case or solid hardwood case, with the interior decorated with colorful block-printed papers.


C to g3, A-390 Brass strung.
Length: 51" (1.3m)
Width: 15" (.38m)
Height: 3.5" (.09m

Pictures of Hubert Clavichord
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