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  Clavichord after Schiedmayer

Much of the early work of the Schiedmayer family was lost in WWII, although there are a number of clavichords left today. One especially fine instrument was built in 1796 by Johann Christoph Georg Schiedmayer.

It is a very graceful, finely made unfretted clavichord built of natural finished oak, with a very beautiful and strong tone. The Schiedmayer has a range of FF to g3. The case is dovetailed oak or another hardwood of your choice, with a frame and panel lid.

You will enjoy playing J.S. Bach as well as C.P.E. Bach and other Classical composers on this very refined instrument.

FF to g3, A-390 Brass strung.
Length: 60" (1.53m)
Width: 18" (.48m)
Height: 3.5" (.09m)

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Picture of Schiedmayer Clavichord

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