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  Spinet after Silbermann

Johann Heinrich Silbermann, born in Strasbourg, Germany in 1727, son of the organ builder Andreas Silbermann, was well known for his harpsichords, fortepianos and clavichords. He apprenticed under his Uncle Gottfried and carried on the instrument making of his family. There are 7 spinets left by him.

The sound is very much like the upper manual (or front 8') of a harpsichord, with a very strong bass and warm, singing treble. Very practical for smaller living spaces. All the key levers are the same length, making the action also quite lovely to play.

A smaller instrument with a full voice.

Specifications: FF to f3, Ebony and bone keyboard. One 8' stop. Transposable A-415, 440
Length: 74" (1.88m)
Depth: 28" (.71m)
Height: 9" (.29m)

A painted case with gold bands and turned legs is standard, with a natural wood case, and cabriole legs (pictured) also available.

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