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  Italian Harpsichord after Giusti

This Italian harpsichord has been one of the most popular models to date. It is the perfect solution in serving both as a fine continuo harpsichord, as well as a for playing a wide repertoire of European harpsichord and organ music of the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries.

It is a delight to play, very response to dynamics and nuance. Stop levers are provided on the wrestplank to use the 8' stops individually. Two eight foot stops nearly doubles the volume.

The range has been carefully extended from the original's range of C/E to c3 to GG/BB to d3, with an added d3 for A440. A460 (Chor Ton) also available.

Specifications: Length: 80.5" (2.05m), Width: 32.5 " (.825m) Height: 7" (.177m) Poplar case (Integral case), interior lined with fir or cypress

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Picture of Giusti Harpsichord