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  Italian Harpsichords after Grimaldi

Even though there are only three instruments left to us from Carlo Grimaldi, the fine design and elegant proportions of these instruments make his work an ideal choice to serve as a model for a large Italian harpsichord. The wonderful singing tone, rich and clean basses, strong deep tenor and singing diskant serve well for both solo and continuo use.

The thin inner case is made of Cypress, with cypress moldings adorning the perimeter of the case. Boxwood or bone keytops with ebony capped sharps.

The range is GG to d3, with an added d3 string in the treble for A 440. A460 (Chor Ton) also available.

Specifications: Length: 95" (2.45m), Width: 36 " (.92m) Height: 7" (.177m) Interior of Cypress. Poplar outer case.

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