Harpsichord After Grimaldi, 1702. Completed, Autumn, 2000

This instrument was made for Prof. Norbert Zeilberger, who teaches at the Vienna Conservatory.The range is GG to d3, and transposes A415, A440 and also to A460 for accompanying Renaissance Instruments. The outer case (not shown) was made in Austria.

Keyboard of bone with ebony and bone accidentals.

Detail of the Treble Corner.

Harpsichord after the 1702 Grimaldi 1991

This instrument is currently at Bruckner Conservatory in Linz, Austria. Cypress case, diagonal soundboard of Swiss Fir (Abies Alba), red beech bridge, boxwood keytops with decorated walnut sharps. Outer case of poplar, painted green and beige, with gold bands.

In 1995, an organ was built by Gerrit and Henk Klop which couples to the harpsichord when it is removed from its outer case and placed on top of the organ, making a claviorganum.

The range is C to f3. Stop List: Gedackt 8' bass/ treble, Prinzipal 8' (from f) b/t, Octave 4' b/t, Rohrflute 4' b/t, Octave 2' b/t, Regal 8' b/t. Transposes A-415-440-460. All wood pipes.

Pictured here is Professor August Humer, organist at the Conservatory, who organized the commissionings of the harpsichord and the organ.

Keyboard of the Grimaldi at the Linz Conservatory

The Conservatory has also recently taken delivery of a large Flemish Single Manual Harpsichord in the Winter of 2001.

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